Social Project


Concept & User Experience Design


Technology gives us an abundance of useful and rewarding benefits. It allows us to work faster and more efficiently, to keep in contact with those far away, or capture memories to share with others.

But, despite all the wonderful things technology brings us, it often leaves us less connected with people and more connected to simulations of them. Like finding ourselves spending time with friends, but noticing every one of them engaged with something on their phone, instead of actually communicating with each other.


How can we create a screen-based interaction that encourages individuals to put down their phones and have more meaningful connections with those around them.


Although we only had a few days to come up with our solution and were unable to attempt to create an actual prototype, with our research we were confident that the majority of the features we’ve outlined in our solution would be feasible.

The smart glasses were well received by the class and our instructor. He made a special note that the red filter and packaging the media content for desktop-only use were compelling solutions to help curb the preoccupation of taking out our mobile devices.